We know that women are underpaid. We know that roles in sport are usually less accessible to women. We know that women undervalue themselves in senior leadership roles.

“I don’t think women and men are more or less capable, we just have a clear issue with women not having opportunities. We need to be part of the solution, not perpetuating the problem.”


About Valeur

At Valeur, our mission is to be the voice of pay equity within the sports industry, empowering women with the tools, skills, and networks to overcome institutional bias.

We fearlessly challenge existing norms, advocating for transparency in compensation structures and creating a level playing field where healthy competition flourishes.

Together, we break down barriers, rewrite the narrative, and forge a future where gender equality is the norm and women’s potential knows no bounds.

Meet the team

Arianna Criscione

Arianna Criscione is an ex professional football player. She has mixed her on field knowledge with her off field business acumen to become an expert in women’s football. She is the first woman to graduate the FIFA Diploma in Club Management and has a master’s degree in football business.

Preeti Shetty

Preeti Shetty is the CEO and founder of Upshot, a tech social enterprise that helps sport organisations manage, monitor and evidence their social impact. She is also on the Board of Brentford Football Club, the Vice Chair of Street Child United, a Director of London Sport and sits on Women in Football’s Board committee. She is committed to levelling the playing field in sport and proving sport has the power to change people’s lives.